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"Peachland, British Columbia"


Peachland Homes

"Peachland enjoys a lifestyle like no other in the Okanagan. When it comes to buying a home in Peachland, they are some important factors to consider. Peachland has 5 different distinct area's I'll like to call Peach Zones of Living.

There  is also is a personal choice of either leaving high on the mountain with breath taking views of Okanagan Lake or residing on the lower flat area of Peachland which is ideal for walkers/bikers and you can be very close to the lakeshore. Both are great, maybe a home up in the mountains and a beach cabana on the beach!

The Downtown Flats

Located on the flat section of the lower townsite ,it runs between Beach Avenue and Highway 97. You will experience less snow (more rain) in the winter, a bit more milder The area is close to downtown shopping,

event centers,the beach and scenic walking paths. The homes are a bit older in this district, but some  beautiful lakeshore homes and condo's are  located on Beach Avenue making this a popular choice for those who don't prefer the perched lakeview look.

Princeton Area Corridor

Homes in this zone are located mostly with lakeviews running up the mountain, and access is from Highway 97. Stunning lakeviews are common, and homes located here can have larger lots, and more tree cover. Princeton Avenue does experience a fair bit of traffic as it's the main route to the industrial section, Silver Lake Resort, Peachland Lake, to name but a few.  Character homes are common in this area. In the winter due to the elevation, you could receive a bit more snow,and it may last a bit longer on the ground in the spring.

Trepanier Road/Desert Pines

Homes in the Desert Pines/Trepanier Bench Area are located in a newer development area of Peachland and enjoy stunning lake views. Homes in the Desert Pines area are located in a modern neighborhood. Other homes with rural setting, acreages, are located up on Cousins, Trepanier and MacKinnon Avenue. On Trepanier Road you on your way to MacKinnon Park, Hainle Winery and the Parrot island Sanctuary. Further north you will find homes overlooking Highway 97 located on Clarence Avenue. A beautiful area to call home

Ponderosa/ Pincushion

Overlooking the lower townsite of Peachland you will find the new site of the Ponderosa Golf Course- opening 2020, Pincushion Park, and the W.A. Lang Wilderness Park. Homes in this area are ideal if you prefer lake views, nearby golf, and stunning views of the lower townsite. This area will undergo the biggest changes in the coming years as the new golf course and adjacent new developments take place with new homes, condo's and multi family units. 

Lake Shore Living

Semi lakefront living is compliments of Beach Avenue. If you prefer just steps to the water with your own private beach on Okanagan Lake, Peachland offers many Lakeshore homes and condo's in the area. South of Peachland, Brent Road and North of Peachland, Drought Hill has residences perched high about the lake with private elevated trails down to your private beach. Homes and condos developments are located throughout Peachland and offer something unique in its own

design and location.