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New Developments

Current, Approved, or Planned Projects in Peachland. All these projects are in progress, please contact District of Peachland office  for updates or stayed tuned to this page and Blog for updates.

Ponderosa Development - 4000 Trails Place - Hwy 97 to Ponderosa Road

 To create a 69-unit residential strata development to be contained in 17 townhouse style buildings. 1. Subdivision of strata lots Phases 1 to 8 (44 units) have been filed and approved and built.  Developer has started on the last 5 remaining building (25 units). Single Family Lot/Houses, Golf Completion , details to be released in Winter 2018.

Coldwell Road Development

Developer wants to create 5 -R1 Single Detached Residential Lots.

Lakeview -13th Street Development - Gateway II

Developer would like to create Mixed Use Commercial building, retail at grade and 36 units residential above.

Turner Avenue Development

Developer like to create 17 Single Detached Residential Lots and 17 Multi-Unit Residential units.

Sanderson/Modular Homes Development

Developer would like to create modular home neighbourhood in conjuction with the neighbouring property currently zoned RM-1.

Drought Road Development

Developer would like to combine 4 existing lots to create a subdivision of 10 Single Detached Residential Lots.

Beach Avenue Development

Developer would like to create 7 Multi-Unit Residential units within one building.

Huston Road

Developer would like to create 52 unit Low Density Multi-Family townhouse-style units in 21 building.

New Monaco Development

To create a neighbourhood community of 2,600 to 2,800 residential units, retail, office, hotel, congregate care on 125 acres site.

Columbia Development

To create 97 Multi-Unit Residential units once the two lots have been consolidated. Note that 4596 Princeton Avenue was already zoned RM-3 Multi-Unit Residential - Low Density.

Morrison Development

To create 15 duplexes (30 units) on fee simple lots in Phase 1 and single detached lots on the remainder when access becomes available to the upper portion of the property.

Princess Avenue Condo's

Developer wants to create 56 units in 14 townhouse style building.

Peachtree Village

Developer wants to create a 5 storey Mixed Use Commercial (retail at grade/offices on 2nd floor) residential above.

Heighway Lane

 Developer wants to create 3 new RR1 Rural Residential lots